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The Angel at Ripley in Derbyshire is an independently run and privately owned ‘free house’ pub located just a few minutes walk from Ripley’s market place. We serve a wide range of beers, lagers, wines, spirits and soft drinks including our speciality, freshly ground Arabica coffee.

We offer creamflow keg beers and lagers and cask conditioned ‘Doombar’ bitter supplied by Coors. We stock a full selection of national branded spirits at competitive prices as well as a comprehensive selection of ‘good’ wines, including six white wines and five red wines all available by the glass or by the bottle.

We also offer 4 sparkling wines by the bottle and also champagne all available at very competitive prices. During all of our opening hours we serve coffees at a great and very competitive price of £1.25. Our coffees are served at your table in a proper cup and saucer accompanied by a selection of biscuits which complement your drink. All coffees are hand made using fresh milk and freshly ground Arabica coffee beans.

Please take a look at the full range of drinks we have to offer you here

Free Wi-Fi is also available during our normal opening times which you can view here - please ask at the bar for details when you visit.

Introducing The Angel The Angel - Historically Speaking

The building in which The Angel now resides was built in 1888. This date is permanently displayed and fixed with the original brickwork of the building and this can be seen from outside the main entrance behind our angel figure which stands proudly above our door. It was built in 1888 to commemorate the jubilee of Queen Victoria.

Although the building appears to look like an old chapel or church from the outside, the premises have never had any religious or indeed church background. In fact, far from it. It was originally built as a ‘Men Only’ Club and this was indeed the case up to February 2004 when the current owner purchased the property. The current owner and your convivial host and landlord is Mr Peter Clay who offers The Angel’s visitors a very, very warm welcome.

Prior to 2004, the building had no outside windows and this added to the ‘mystique’ of the premises and this, coupled with the decorative brickwork contained within the fabric of the building gave rise to a the impression of a lot of local people that that the premises housed a ‘Masonic Lodge’ type club. This of course was not the case.

The angel figure above the entrance to the pub showing the original build date The Angel's side elevation view which now has windows that up until 2004 were not in place

“Local Businessmen Set Up Club”

This may well have been a typical headline from the time that the building was first built and it was established as a Men Only Club by a group then local businessmen such as doctors, pit managers and factory owners etc.. Historical rumour has it that the building was designed with no windows so that the wives of these local businessmen would not be able to see in and therefore not be able to know the whereabouts of their husbands. Rumours, hey? Well you make up your own mind on this one.

The building itself is well worth a closer look, especially at the brickwork with its decorative elements. Knowledge about the building premises, its brickwork or any other historical information is of great interest to us. If you have anything that you think may be of interest in this respect to us then we would love to hear from you. Either pop in and have a chat and a drink with us, give us a call or if you prefer simply get in touch via our contact form which you can find here. We would love to hear from you!

Inside the The Angel - It's 'All Change'!

It’s fair to say that the building which is now The Angel public house has not only been transformed outside by the addition of the all seeing windows but since 2004 major redevelopment and improvement work has been undertaken by the landlord on the interior to the premises.

We have a special page here on our website which shows in picture form how The Angel now looks today on the inside. Our page gives a taste of the inside and a flavour of what to expect décor wise when you visit with us. Please take a look inside by visiting our web page dedicated to this celebration and transformation. You can visit the ‘Inside’ web page here.

Originally the building was a ‘one room’ structure with a low ceiling. From 2004, the building has been ‘gutted’ and transformed into what it is today, a public house, The Angel.

The building is no longer on one level and is certainly not a singular room. The roof space has been transformed from its original wood structure into a mezzanine are which creates a ‘get way from it’ space with the pub. This too is featured on or ‘Inside’ web page and it forms an important part of the overall ambience of The Angel as it is today.

Whilst much of the original internal structure has been redeveloped and replaced and improved several features remain in place and are clearly visible to our visitors. The steel ‘A frame roof beams are still in place and can be seen from within our bar area

An internal view of the inside of The Angel as seen from the main entrance Do you remember the Crossroads TV series? Read about the connection to The Angel on this page

You may be wondering why we have posed that question? Well if you are of a ‘certain age’ then I am sure that you will remember the drama of the Crossroads Motel TV series set and based in Birmingham. Its connection with us is quite unusual we think!

The building’s development and conversion into a public house from 2004 has included using the original bar and its back fitting as seen in the Crossroads TV series. This is what forms the bar at The Angel today.

More significantly and perhaps more recognisable, is our treasured 8 foot high angel figure whish is situated above our main entrance door and which features in a few places in our pub. The angel figure has been replicated on images shown in the bar area and these can be seen more clearly from our upstairs Mezzanine Area.

All Crossroads pieces were purchased direct from Central TV Studios.

The picture opposite shows the 8 foot angel figure proudly in place over our doorway entrance.

The entrance to The Angel showing our treasured 8 foot angel figure originally from the Crossroads TV series

Please don’t forget that if you have any information about the history of the building that we now know as The Angel, Ripley, about its past life, its owners, its function or anything else that you feel would be of interest to us and our visitors then please do get in touch with us - we would love to hear from you!